Thoughts on Unweaving the Web

  • Deborah E. Wiley – Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

[n.b., Just a few nuggets from Ms. Wiley's talk]

2006 was Wiley's bicentennial year. Ms. Wiley is part of the sixth generation to manage the company, and there is a 7th generation waiting in the wings. In 1807, Charles Wiley founded a print shop in lower Manhattan. At the time, he supplied books to private libraries and scholars.

Today, 50% sales are outside US.

What is the most over-discussed scholarly communication issue: OPEN ACCESS! Ms. Wiley observed that there is much repetition of principles and declarations. Not enough attention is focused on the business model, and scholars themselves are not that interested.

Today journals are records of research. Tomorrow, the record could be the conversation about research, or the research process itself.